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StatPacks G3 Medicine Cell Red

SKU G31003RE

THE INNOVATIVE G3 MEDICINE CELL FEATURES A QUAD-FOLD DESIGN TO PROTECT AND MAINTAIN ORGANIZATION WHILE KEEPING MEDICATIONS AT YOUR GLOVED FINGERTIPS.  This Medicine Cell is considered to be one of 4 in the "CELL," family (Medicine, Airway, IV and Universal) in the StatPacks Cellular System. Each Cell sets the stage for clear thinking and quick reaction.


-Contents NOT included

-This cell makes for a quick, easy to use, EMS medication bag

-Unique foam molded design keeps all Emergency Medical Equipment inside protected from breakage or the elements

-Innovative fold-out design is compact, yet quickly reveals well-organized medication supplies and tools

-Specifically designed to stack neatly in StatPacks Generation 3 Emergency Medical Services packs

-Color-coded for easy identification from other EMS medication bags

-A quick stash pocket for trash or extra supplies

-Two handles with “MEDICINE” written to identify the difference in EMT Gear

-ID window to label any way you want to identify between other Medic Bags

-4 Vial Strands that holds multi dose vials securely in place

-Nicely fits in the Generation 3 Perfusion and Backup EMS Backpacks

-Fits into most EMT Jump Bags available in the market today

-Accommodates a Sharps Shuttle™

Size and Weight

Height:  12 inches

Width:  7 inches

Depth:  6 inches

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Available Colors



Capacity: 470 in3