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Physio-Control LIFEPAK® CR2 AED

SKU 99512-001262

The groundbreaking LIFEPAK CR2 defibrillator with LIFELINKcentral AED program manager is at the heart of a complete AED response system. Connected to Wi-Fi, the LIFEPAK CR2 defibrillator alerts you of anything that may affect device readiness— all automatically. Battery not charged? Electrode expiration near? You’ll receive an alert through the LIFELINKcentral AED program manager, helping to greatly reduce the effort and expense of managing your AED program, while increasing your program’s readiness and effectiveness.

What's Included:

  • LIFEPAK CR2 with (8 Year Warranty)
  • LIFEPAK CR2 AED Lithium Battery (4 Year Life)
  • Adult/Child Quik-Step Pacing, ECG, Defib Electrodes (4 Year Life)
  • Carry Handle or Semi-Rigid Carry Case
  • USB Cable
  • Owner's Manual
LIFEPAK® CR2 Brochure
LIFEPAK® CR2 Operating Instructions
LIFEPAK® CR2 Data Sheet

LIFEPAK® CR2 Warranty Statement

Features & Benefits

  • Delivers escalating energy up to 360 Joules
  • cprINSIGHT technology to automatically analyze and detect if a shock is needed (CR2 Wi-Fi Only)
  • ClearVoice™ technology voice prompts to guide through rescue; dual language capabilities (Bilingual w/ CR2 Wi-Fi Only)
  • Continuous self-monitoring to ensure your device is always rescue-ready
  • Child mode to deliver appropriate shocks for younger victims
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Remote Monitoring (CR2 Wi-Fi Only)
  • Easy to Use
  • Semi-Automatic or Fully-Automatic

ALTERNATE PART NUMBERS: 99512-001261, 99512-001262, 99512-001267, 99512-001268