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HoverMatt® SPU (Single Patient Use) Air Transfer Mattress



The HoverMatt ®Air Transfer System is the number one choice of hospitals and pre-hospital care for patient transfers, boosting, turning and positioning.

With the revolutionary HoverMatt air-assisted technology, the mattress – and the patient – float on a cushion of air, so caregivers can safely transfer patients without lifting or straining. By virtually eliminating the injuries related to transfers and positioning, the HoverMatt significantly helps to improve staff satisfaction and retention, while reducing direct and indirect workers’ compensation costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Lowers caregiver injuries – Air assisted technology reduces the force required to move patients by 80-90%
  • Improves productivity – Requires fewer caregivers for improved efficiency
  • 1200lb Weight Limit
  • Comfortable, stable patient experience – Reduces skin shear and bruising
  • Available in Reusable and SPU versions with 34", 39" and  50" widths to accommodate most patients and scenarios
  • Standard (Reusable) HoverMatt: Easy to clean (launderable). Eliminates holes that are potential bacteria pathways. Fluid and stain resistant.
  • SPU (Single Patient Use): Further address infection control concerns and significantly reduce the possibility of cross contamination by designating a Matts for specific patients. The SPU can be utilized multiple times with the same patient, until it becomes soiled or compromised. - perfect solution for "Frequent-Flyers".  
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Double Coated: Nylon twill with silica polyurethane coating on patient side


Weight Limit
1200 LBS

28" (71 cm), 34" (86 cm), 39" (99 cm), 50" (127 cm)

78" (198 cm) Half-Matt: 45" (114 cm)

Double Coated Construction:
Model #: HM28DC – 28" W x 78" L
Model #: HM34DC – 34" W x 78" L
Model #: HM39DC – 39" W x 78" L
Model #: HM50DC – 50" W x 78" L

Single Patient Use:
34" W x 78" L – HM34SPU-B (10 Per Box)
39" W x 78" L – HM39SPU-B (10 Per Box)
50" W x 78" L – HM50SPU-B (5 Per box)

(Patent Nos. US 6898809, 6073291, 7712170, 7373680)