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StatPacks G3 Oxygen Module Green

SKU G33004GN

This EMS oxygen bag is an emergency oxygen tank holder, efficiently designed to accommodate most D and Jumbo D tanks.  This Oxygen Module may be considered to be a double cell in the StatPacks Third Generation Cellular System. It also fits nicely into the G3 BackupG3 Breather, and G3 Responder of the Statpacks Third Generation packs to allow help with any EMS oxygen therapy.


-Contents NOT included

-This Oxygen Module makes for a quick, easy to use, EMS oxygen bag

-Foam-lined construction maintains rigidity to securely hold oxygen tanks in packs

-Two adjustable locking cam buckles with strong Hypalon material that friction hold the tank firmly to the aluminum frame

-Hook Velcro® on back panel attaches securely in the G3 Backup, G3 Breather, and G3 Responder packs. Fits in G3 Responder, G3 Clinician, G3 Tidal Volume, G3 BackUp and G3 Breather main packs

-Locking buckles for secure fit with tank

-Can be used as a standalone module or in other EMT Jump Bags

-Fits into most EMT Jump Bags available in the market today

-This EMS Oxygen Bag Fits D or Jumbo-D size 02 Cylinder

-Secure Velcro®/Buckle attachments hook to a cot for quick O2 cell connecting

-Load handles for quick/easy carry

-Capacity: D or Jumbo-D cylinder

Size and Weight

Height:  16.5 inches

Width:  5.5 inches

Depth:  1.5 inches

Weight:  0.5 lbs

Available Colors



Capacity: N/A