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Oxi-Go® QuickCheck Fingertip Oximeter

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The Oxi-Go® QuickCheck Fingertip Oximeter is a fast and easy way to check your heart rate and measure your blood oxygen saturation level. In layman's terms, all this means is how much oxygen you're breathing in is actually getting to your tissues. Our tissues need appropriate levels of oxygen to support our body's metabolism and sustain our vitality. Personal pulse oximeters have long been used by aviators, deep sea divers, and athletes as a way of avoiding a condition called hypoxia, which occurs when tissues become inadequately oxygenated.

Today, clinical and hospital settings routinely use pulse oximeters in evaluating various medical conditions that affect the heart and lungs. As more people exercise, play sports, give up smoking, and take on a bigger role in managing their own health, pulse oximeters like the Oxi-Go QuickCheck have gained an even broader popularity. 2-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

The Oxi-Go® QuickCheck Fingertip Oximeter comes with a set of batteries, a case with lanyard, protective silicone sleeve and full operating instructions. 

NOTE: While everyone from athletes to allergy sufferers can benefit from knowing their blood oxygen saturation levels, the Oxi-Go® QuickCheck Fingertip Oximeter is NOT a medical device. It is sold without a prescription, and its use is intended purely for personal (not medical) purposes.

  • Just insert a fingertip into Oxi-Go and get instant results
  • Displays your blood oxygen saturation (in % of SpO2), pulse rate, and a graphical pulse bar
  • NEW ‐ large, bright digital LED with 2 display modes (facing toward or away from you)
  • Designed for Spot Check Monitoring only (not continuous monitoring)
  • Accommodates all finger sizes from pediatric to adult
  • Small, compact, and lightweight (0.09 lbs without batteries)
  • Low power consumption, auto power shutoff
  • Low battery indicator
  • Approximately 30 hours of normal operation
  • Uses 2 AAA alkaline batteries (included) or rechargeables



• Type: Large, Bright Digital LED Display
• Parameters: SpO2, Pulse Rate, Pulse Bar
• Mode: 1 display mode


• Dimensions: 2.3" W  x  1.3" H  x  1.3" D
• Weight: 0.09 lbs (without batteries)


• Measurement Range: 70-100%
• Resolution: 1%
• Measurement Accuracy: 80-100%:  ±2%
70-79%:  ±3%
0-69%:  unspecified


• Measurement Range: 30-235 bpm
• Resolution: 1 bpm
• Measurement Accuracy: 30-100:  ±2 bpm
101-235:  ±2%


• Operation Temperature: 41°F to 104°F
• Storage Temperature: -4°F to 131°F
• Operation Humidity: ≤85% RH  (Relative Humidity)
• Storage Humidity: ≤85% RH  (Relative Humidity)


• Electromagnetic Compatibility: Complies with IEC60601-1-2 for electromagnetic compatibility Class B
• Interference Resistance Capacity against   Ambient Light: Deviation is smaller than ±1% between values of Oxyhemoglobin measured in natural lighting indoor condition and present lighting sources and that measured in dark room.