Microdot Rapid Deployment Hot Pack

SKU RD2054

Impact free activation for guaranteed heat everytime.
Rapid Heat Packs instant activation provides instant, long lasting heat exceeding 130 degrees Fahrenheit. No more impact activation, leakage on patients, or failures during storage. Rapid Heat Packs feature a convenient slip-off clip that activates the cold pack without impact. Zero percent failure guarantee ensures that Rapid Heat Packs will work everytime.
No impact activation
Convenient slip off clip
Size: 10” x 5.5”
Long lasting heat exceeding 130 degrees fahrenheit
Zero percent failure guarantee
Note: Due to the chemical nature of this product only ground shipping is available; no air freight is possible.

This product(s) is classified as a Medical Device which is regulated by the FDA. This product may have regulations or restrictions in some states.

It is the customer’s responsibility to determine and comply with all applicable federal, state or local laws.

MFG# 2054

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