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Evacuation HoverJack® II


The Evacuation EMS HoverJack device was specifically developed to meet the demands of EMS professionals. The Evacuation EMS HoverJack can lift and transport bariatric patients, as well as assist in extractions from the home environment, including down stairs. Four air chambers inflate to lift the patient from the floor in a seated or supine position, maintaining patient dignity and minimizing risk of injury to the crew by creating a no-lift environment.

Specially designed safety straps and foot-end pouch hold the patient securely while being transported down stairs, and the replaceable Teflon® coated bottom allows the device to be used across most surfaces. A weight capacity of 1200 lbs. for vertical lifting and 700 lbs. for stairwell evacuations accommodates most patients.

  • Increased completed calls per shift generates more revenue due to faster transport times
  • Readily available bariatric equipment eliminates waiting time for additional personnel
  • Tapered head end, adjustable inflation chambers and steering straps improve maneuverability around corners and down most stairwells
  • Removable support skirt with replaceable Teflon bottom allows device to be used across most surfaces

When used in conjunction with the HoverMatt Air Transfer System, a seamless solution is presented for lateral transfer from bed or floor to the Evacuation EMS HoverJack, and on to the ambulance stretcher in preparation for transport. When inflated, a cushion of air beneath the HoverMatt reduces the force needed to move the patient by 80-90%, while also reducing patient skin shear and bruising.

Topside Material: Nylon oxford / nylon
Skirt: Cordura® fabric
Underside Material: Teflon® impregnated polyester

Dimensions (Inflated):
RF-Welded Width: 32” Length: 72”  Height: 30”  [each chamber 7 1/2”
Model #: HJ32EV-2

Weight Limit:
700 lbs (318 kg) for stairwell evacuation
1200 lbs (544 kg) for vertical lift

Required Accessory:
Model #: HTAIR400G (U.S.)