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microdot® CO Breath Analyzer Kit

SKU 1000-01

The microdot® CO Breath Analyzer is supplied with:

  • microdot® CO Breath Analyzer w/ Orange Protective Sleeve
  • Orange Hard Shell Carry Case
  • 22 mm plastic mouthpiece adapter
  • 22 mm reducing connector for calibration
  • PP3 9V Lithium battery (installed)
  • (50) SafeBreath disposable mouthpieces - 
  • Operating Manual

Instant Results When Time Is Critical. 

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless and difficult to detect. The new microdot® CO Breath Analyzer is FDA approved for CO poisoning detection providing a rapid assessment of Carbon Monoxide poisoning for Emergency Services and First Responders. microdot® CO Breath Analyzer will give instant breath results in %COHb and PPM. Both measurements are backed up with color indicator lights for immediate visual display. microdot® CO Breath Analyzer has been designed to enable emergency service responders to carry out a simple breath test to establish carbon monoxide levels in a subject’s blood. When dealing with CO, time is critical. In the blood stream, Carbon Monoxide has an affinity with hemoglobin some 200 times greater than Oxygen. When this happens, the blood is no longer able to carry oxygen. This lack of oxygen causes cells and tissue to degrade or die.


  • Accurate to poisonous %COHb levels
  • Breath hold countdown (user configurable)
  • Instantly displays results
  • Displays CO in parts per million
  • Displays %COHb
  • % FCOHb
  • Color light indicators of CO levels (user configurable)
  • For use with microdot® SafeBreath mouthpieces
  • For use with EcoStraws
  • For screening for CO poisoning useful in occupational settings and, A & E departments
  • Includes hard shell carry case and protective sleeve


  • Results instantly displayed
  • Results displayed in %COHb or PPM for easy interpretation
  • Can be used on multiple patients with minimal effort (mouthpiece must be disposed of between patients)
  • Configurable breath hold time: 0, 5,10,15 or 20 seconds
  • Configurable light indicator dependent on operator preference
  • Hard shelled carry-case with mouthpieces for easy storage and transportation.
  • Semi annual calibration


Gas Detected - Carbon Monoxide
Concentration Range - 0 – 42.5% COHb (375 PPM)
Detection Sensor Used - Electrochemical fuel cell
Sensitivity - 1 % COHb
Accuracy (repeatability) - ±2%
Operating Temperature - 41-95 ºF
Storage Temperature - -4-158 ºF
Storage Humidity - 10% to 90% RH
Hydrogen cross-sensitivity - <12% at 20˚ C
Sensor Life - 2 - 5 years, 2 year warranty
Sensor Drift - <2% per month
Display - 128 X 64 pixel Graphic LCD
Power Supply - Single 9V PP3 battery
Weight (approximate) - 160g including battery
Dimensions - 135mm x 60mm x 30mm
Indicator levels:
Green 0 – 9.9 %COHb/1-60 PPM
Yellow 10 – 19.9 %COHb/61-120 PPM
Red 20 – 29.9 %COHb/121-185 PPM
Flashing red 30+ %COHb/186-375 PPM
These are correlating parts per million ranges. %/PPM