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TransMatt Decedent Transfer Mattress


The TransMatt® Decedent Transfer System allows funeral home staff to laterally transfer the deceased from their bed to a stretcher with ease. When inflated, a cushion of air beneath the mattress reduces the force needed to move a decedent by 80-90%. This reduction in force facilitates decedent handling with fewer resources, while minimizing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries to staff and promoting career longevity.

TransMatt® System Benefits

  • Air-assisted technology:
  • Helps reduce staff injuries and associated workers’ compensation costs.
  • Facilitates handling of decedents in a dignified manner and accommodates up to 1200 lbs.
  • Minimizes manual handling, while utilizing fewer staff to perform retrievals.
  • Convenient, disposable product eliminates contamination concerns.
  • Portability of system enables use practically anywhere.