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A Little Bit About Us…

HMP was founded in 2009 and is a niche distributor to the EMS/Fire Rescue industry. Today, Horizon works with services in over 30 states nationwide. Attention to taking care of our customers is the core of our business. We offer a growing number of high quality products that provide value to all of our customers. If you’re looking for a specific product or we can assist you in any way, contact us or set up an account today. Please stop by and see us at EMS World Expo, FDIC, or EMS Today. We look forward to serving you!

Microdot Xtra EMS Blood Glucose System…

Horizon is the designer and leading provider of the microdot® Xtra EMS Blood Glucose Kit, manufactured by Cambridge Sensors USA, LLC. The microdot® Xtra system utilizes GDH-NAD strip chemistry to deliver consistently accurate readings while requiring only a 0.6 microlitre (0.6µL) blood sample. Designed and FDA approved for multi-patient use in healthcare settings; and equipped with a high visibility orange shock sleeve for added durability, microdot® Xtra is EMS ready! If you are not yet a customer, we invite you to take the microdot® challenge! Contact us today for your free evaluation system.

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